The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible. You gain points by destroying enemies.

Your spaceship is out of fuel. You can use the mousebutton to shoot out a rocket in the direction your spaceship is facing. The longer you hold the mousebutton, the faster your spaceship will shoot in the other direction. Use this to dodge enemies and grab repair kits.

After shooting a rocket, you will be able to guide it by moving your mouse. Use this to guide the rockets towards the enemies. You can control the rocket for a limited amount of time after which it will run out of fuel. You are able to destroy the rocket by clicking the mouse button when it has run out of fuel.


Windows build 78 MB


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After you get the hang of it it gets pretty adictive!

Haha that was intended! Thanks for playing :)


This was  good  one ^_^ kudos

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it!

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Wow, I did not expect to find such a fun game here! Took a while to really get into it but when you do it's simply addictive, and love how the game somehow features so much depth in the way you can make the ship juke the enemies. Awesome job!

Many thanks!


This game was by far the most fun game I've played in the jam, the art is so basic, but so good, the theme implementation was incredible and very original, it also has a leaderboard in which I'm the first. The only problem is the camera, as the camera follows the rocket I can barely see my ship, but that wouldn't be a problem if you could make explode the rocket even if it hasn't ran out of fuel. 

Overall, this game is my candidate for winning, if you don't I would be very disappointed.


This means a lot, glad you enjoyed the different aspects of the game! Yeah the camera is definitely still an issue, but I'm not sure if being able to destroy your rocket at all times is a fitting solution as timing your rockets is part of the challenge.

Thanks for the feedback!


In addition to my development partner, @Woewal. The camera on how it is also a part of "Out of Control", but as you both stated it is an issue, since we also agree that it's a bit too out of control. We did discuss for possible solutions, but we didn't had that much time left to actually think of the great one and implement it. One of the things best solutions we could think of was an arrow or some sort if your ship was not within the camera view port. We sadly thought of this solution close to the end of the gamejam, which was too little time to implement it.

Thanks for the feedback :)